Certain articles which Lorna Vassallo originally published in Maltese were translated into the English language especially so that academics abroad can follow the line of thought.  For example, the ‘Single Transferable Vote’ electoral system is studied closely by various universities abroad, not only by those interested in electoral systems themselves, but also by those interested in the lack of elected female politicians sadly produced by such a system.  All the articles below were translated for these purposes.  Needless to say, all of them are also in the ‘Maltese articles’ section in the original language i.e. Maltese.

Sequence of publication in Maltese in particular year Day Date Title Paper Topic discussed
1 Thursday 22 February 2018 Bicameralism – a solution? L-Orizzont Single Transferable Vote system
6 Thursday 1 March 2018 The Phantom Candidate and a vote for the party L-Orizzont Single Transferable Vote system
7 Thursday 8 March 2018


Numerical Electoral Justice

L-Orizzont Single Transferable Vote system
23 Thursday 21 June 2018 Sabbatical for Women in politics L-Orizzont Women in Maltese politics
46 Thursday 22 November 2018 By default, the husband L-Orizzont Gender Equality